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P&G CEO Challenge India 2020-2021

Registration for the 2021 CEO Challenge has now closed, but registration for the 2022 CEO Challenge will be open soon. Please check back here late Summer 2021 for more information. If you would like to stay in touch with us in the meantime to hear about other upcoming events, news, and vacancies, please complete the personal information form at


Welcome to the P&G CEO Challenge 2020-2021. The P&G CEO Challenge is a one-of-its-kind Case Study Challenge that is designed to test your problem-solving skills while dealing with critical business situations. The CEO Challenge cases are designed to give you a flavour of the everyday business decisions you will get to take as the Leader of a Global Brand like Pantene, Oral-B, Ariel, Gillette etc.

This year, you will explore the fabulous history of Hair Care and learn about the various innovations in this category!

Stay tuned for the P&G Masterclass for an introduction to the case study and tricks and tips to crack the solutions.

Basic Guidelines

Your team must have 3 members. Teams that are larger will not be considered.

Please be prepared to provide your email address while registering. We encourage diversity in all its forms for successful teams.


All eligible students will receive communication from your respective Placement Committees via E-Mail.

We at P&G hold strong to our Purpose, Values, and Principles. Among those values are integrity and trust. We expect all participants to uphold the highest standards of integrity and trustworthiness as they prepare themselves and compete in all portions of the competition.

If there is ever any situation where a violation of these values occurs by even a single member of the team, or if a violation of these values seems to have happened, P&G reserves the right to eliminate the entire team from the competition without any question.

Case Challenge

The Online Case Study this year has been designed around a real-time Problem Statement based on the P&G brand Pantene, and will test your skills across Marketing, Sales, Finance, Consumer Market Knowledge and Operations.

The Case Study consists of 15 Multiple Choice Questions which will have to be attempted by the team within 60 minutes.

How to Prepare

We will be conducting a P&G Masterclass on 11th October to introduce you to P&G, the Case Study, the Hair Care Category and to give you an opportunity to interact with P&G Leadership. The invitation for the Masterclass is exclusively for the top 200 registering teams!


All information provided in the case study is used for test purposes only and may not be an accurate representation of reality. The facts, data, opinions, characters, company names, etc. were created for the use of this case study only. Any resemblance to actual persons or companies is coincidental.

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"I remember P&G CEO Challenge as the first experience I had in forming my Team for the campus competitions. The campus round with simulated business challenges was a microcosm of a real-life case, and was one of the most exciting 1-hour we spent! It required a holistic view on the business from Brand Management, Sales, Product Supply & Finance – all angles – making it truly the CEO’s challenge. The National Round at P&G Mumbai HQ was a dream event for all 3 of us, as we did a deep-dive on Philippines market – and fabric category in general. It was one of the most enriching experiences when we presented in front of P&G CEO and Leadership Team, and ended-up as National Runner Ups for our consumer centric approach & innovative ideas! The learning out of this for me was clear - P&G was the dream place for my career!"
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